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A podcast to help you with that raging Kdrama addiction — because fangirls shouldn’t have to spazz alone. General topics include, but are not limited to, Korean drama (how much we love it) and Kpop (we like that too, well — some of it) — basically anything even remotely related to Korean entertainment. With your hosts Stephanie and Cherry Cordial. Show notes are available at

Dec 15, 2017

In this episode, we start off chatting what we're watching and quickly digress from there. While we do get around to talking Bon Voyage 2, May Queen, Father is Strange, I Married an Anti-Fan, and the merits of watching idols sleeping, we talk our recent LA Ladies Weekend, upcoming holiday watching, and more!  

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Dec 8, 2017

In this special episode, Molly in Kdramaland interviews the writers of her favorite fanfic, Infectious — Guster02 and TServo! Or, while Molly, SaraG, and Stephanie were all together in LA, we spent good portion of our time chatting Infectious, and we had so much fun we thought we’d record it. Molly asks us questions...

Dec 2, 2017

Yah! Due to unforeseen (or totally forseen, according to Cherry’s opinion of the cheap ass computers Stephanie buys) circumstances, this episode was a bit of a trial, so apologies for the roughness. Despite that, we're chatting what we're watching, comments on comments, Starpop, and meeting up in LA for Changmo!  


Nov 25, 2017

It’s our Thanksgiving/Black Friday Who Would You! Special guest Lucy the Lab gives her two cents to our choices (pro Idols who pet her, anti Idols on skateboards).  

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Nov 17, 2017

This episode, we offer up an apple to listeners! We talk about what we’re watching, Yonghwa in a chastity belt, and newsy topics like BTS hitting the US, The Good Doctor, Signal 2, and some disagreement-causing possible casting news. Plus Stephanie expresses her disappointment in a one Mr. Chanyeol.  

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