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A podcast to help you with that raging Kdrama addiction — because fangirls shouldn’t have to spazz alone. General topics include, but are not limited to, Korean drama (how much we love it) and Kpop (we like that too, well — some of it) — basically anything even remotely related to Korean entertainment. With your hosts Stephanie and Cherry Cordial. Show notes are available at

Jan 25, 2019

ALL THE DRAMAS! Stephanie has watched all of the dramas and she’s pretty excited to share the spoils of her misbegotten weekend and Cherry Cordial indulges her once again.

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Jan 18, 2019

Now that Stephanie is officially taking part in 2019, we’re ready to catch up on all the newsy topics that are happening around us.

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Jan 12, 2019

As promised we have Teacher SaraG with us to give us a much-needed lesson in Winner! Ooh, maybe we should have called this episode Winning With Winner! Oh wait, we have that power!  We take a moment to let SaraG put us to shame with all the dramas she’s currently watching.

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Jan 7, 2019

It’s a new year, it’s a new us! Well… it’s a not really a new us, but it is definitely a new year. In this episode, thanks to a random comment from Mrs. McFeeley, we’re checking out Buzzfeed’s post on the 30 top songs of 2018, we do a few quizzes to find out important information, such as who our new...