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A podcast to help you with that raging Kdrama addiction — because fangirls shouldn’t have to spazz alone. General topics include, but are not limited to, Korean drama (how much we love it) and Kpop (we like that too, well — some of it) — basically anything even remotely related to Korean entertainment. With your hosts Stephanie and Cherry Cordial. Show notes are available at

Dec 24, 2014

It’s holiday time in podcastland, and in this episode, on top of our usual what we’re watching discussion, we talk about holidays in Kdrama, Stephanie has the attention span of a squirrel and goes off on many tangents, revealing one of her most embarrassing Kpop moments (oh the lengths we’ll go for Kpop swag!),...

Dec 3, 2014

In this episode we squeeee inappropriately over Junsu, discuss who deserves the Ultimate Khottie Title (Vote Gong YOO!), have a very... special Who Would You involving teeth brushing and the cast of Running Man, get schooled by a listener during the Comments on Comments section, and then finish up with a discussion on...

Nov 19, 2014

This episode is filled to the brim with recommendations and warnings to navigate through Kdramas and Kmovies. We have a voicemail listener question, which kicks off a discussion on dramas that it seemed like everyone else loved but we had to slog through. It's possible the show is also filled with Kpop concert...

Nov 5, 2014

This episode we are talking about our plans to cram in as many dramas as we can by the end of the year, what we're watching now, Stephanie alienates about half the listeners, then we have a new segment "Comments On Comments", and then finish it up pondering the question, what does our OTP say about us? 

To read the...

Oct 22, 2014

In today's podcast, we talk about Stephanie's no good, very bad, terrible tech week, what dramas we're watching, mention the new book Birth Of Korean Cool, squee over the 19+ couple on We Got Married, and talk about drama genres. 

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