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A podcast to help you with that raging Kdrama addiction — because fangirls shouldn’t have to spazz alone. General topics include, but are not limited to, Korean drama (how much we love it) and Kpop (we like that too, well — some of it) — basically anything even remotely related to Korean entertainment. With your hosts Stephanie and Cherry Cordial. Show notes are available at

Sep 22, 2017

Something’s been hanging over our heads for a while. The OKC (Operation Kdrama Chat). Cherry and Stephanie discuss what’s going on and ideas we have to fix it. We also keep a close eye on the view count of BTS’s DNA. ** Side note, due to an internet outage at Casa Stephanie, we had to record using Stephanie’s...

Sep 15, 2017

B-Side-a-go-go! We’re talking newsy topics, who we’ve lost now to military, who we’re getting back, MAMA news, and then we play a rousing game of Hero, B-Lead, Villain!  

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Sep 9, 2017

We’re finally back! This episode, appropriately an A side, we’re talking about what we’re watching, watching with friends, giving Chinese dramas a pass on the gay-baiting, and then catching up on some comments on comments!  

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Sep 1, 2017

Hello, everyone! Turns out Stephanie needs to rest a little more than originally anticipated, so this week we’re going to take a little break. Luckily, we have some fun stuff to take our place! It’s the All That Kdrama Panel from KCon, featuring Young Ajumma, Zombie Mama, Lisa Espinosa, and, well, Stephanie!...